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Traditional SEO is floppy disc. We do AI.

Our Artificial Intelligence-driven software for keyword-based SEO can get your website onto Page 1 of Google Search with no human intervention.

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Every brand has great stories to tell, and every brand needs its own voice. That’s why we create bespoke content to make you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re big or small, corporate or quirky.

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Bonzai Media doesn’t shout brand messages at customers; we tell authentic stories to build an engaged audience.

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Ashka Corelli, Head of Marketing for the Sygnia Group

"I had the great fortune to work with Bonzai Media on our social media strategy and content marketing. What an incredible team! Professional, insightful and able to bring a wealth of experience to your content. Do yourself a favour and hire them straight away."

Cathy Lund, Head of Content for Woolworths

"Having worked with Will and Mel Bendix of Bonzai Media for close on 15 years, I can testify to their formidable force as creatives and strategists. They seamlessly fuse editorial and commercial, copy and design, print and digital, and knowledge and instincts."

Roman Lutz, CEO of the FS Online Media Group

"I only use Bonzai Media for my copywriting. They have an unmatched ability to understand my businesses’ brand values and communicate this effectively and creatively to the right target audience. Choose Bonzai Media if you want your business to crush the competition."

Vanya Lessing, CEO of the Sure Travel Group

"Bonzai Media took over Sure Travel's digital content and social media in April 2017. Since then, we have seen a significant increase in engagement with our brand. Together, we are creating authentic relationships with our customers in the digital world."

Dean Levitt, CEO of Teacup Analytics

“I rely on Bonzai Media to craft smart, savvy, interesting and shareable content for our website. Their work is always stellar and our audience loves reading their articles.” –

June Homan, Festival Director for Village Vibes

“Without Bonzai Media’s content marketing strategy, we would never have been able to make our start-up festival happen, let alone turn it into the incredible, sold-out success it was. They were true partners who worked with us every step of the way to turn a long-held dream into a stunning reality.”

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Why SMMEs Need To Invest In SEO

Not investing in SEO because it’s ‘too expensive, complicated or time-consuming’ is a fatal error many small- to medium-sized businesses make.

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